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Yojongui's kittens
Yumi's 4 babies by window
Bowtie & toy
Sphynx and Siamese babies
Tallulah bath!
Dudley & Rasputin
Yumi kits in bed
Of CatKin
 - black calico -
 Born on 03/11/2008.
Fondly known as Twaeji
which means 'pig' in Korean
as she is a fat dumpling of a girl.
She is the daughter of
Supreme Champion
Alnakeed Nessie Fife and
Supreme Champion Mooncatz Bare Bear
Yumi Kaluha Of CatKin
- brown torbie mink -
Born on 19/08/2008
She is the daughter of
Supreme Champion 
Mooncatz Angelsark Elvis
(fondly known as Daddy) and
Supreme Champion Alnakeed Cream Delacreme Of CatKin
Shingetsu of Mooncatz
Shingetsu Jan 2010
Chat Noir
belongs to Dr Vera van Rooyen
belongs to Mrs Carina Barnard
Chika- Mai
Furlismi hearts!
Me holding Onyx (04/2010)
Nessie Fife's 2 girls
Catkin Rasputin
- white with green eyes -
Born on 16/12/2009
He has done very well at
cat shows as a kitten. 
Has been neutered and gone to
a pet home.
Supreme Champion
Moon Catz
Hapajo's Bare Bear
- black and white van -
imported from 
Deland, Florida, USA
by Charon Scheepers
Born on 04/17/2007.
A very big boy with a lot to say
for himself - he has been neutered
and now lives in Cape Town.
Nessie & 4 kits on chair
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