Cat - Sphynx


How it all began ...

After many years of breeding Siamese
~ one day at a cat show ~ 
I saw some Sphynx and was really fascinated 
so, after a while, 
I decided to import and start breeding.
It was total addiction from the start ~
one Sphynx led to another
(click on pics to enlarge)
and so it went on.
They are
like permanent 2 year olds
and want to do whatever I do
whether it be vacuuming the floor,
sweeping or making food –
they love the food part more than anything!!
Sphynx love to eat
and they will eat almost anything
that is put in front of them.

(click on pics to enlarge)
 Sphynx do need to be bathed regularly
due to the fact that they still
have oil glands under their skin,
but the oil does not have fur to go onto,
so it makes the skin a little sticky at times.
The skin of a Sphynx can have a peach feel to it
or be sticky bald to the touch. 
Sphynx have no hair in their ears
which means that a waxy build up occurs 
and needs to be removed.
Oil also goes onto the nails
which can easily be wiped away
with a damp cloth or wetwipe.

Sphynx also have no eyelashes
therefore dust particles etc
can irritate their eyes occasionally.
Due to the fact that these cats have no fur,
they are easily sunburnt
so it is best if they are kept indoors permanently.
Some people do take their cats for walks
either early morning or once the sun has gone down
in the afternoon,
but I find that Sphynx are perfectly happy living indoors
with their humans without ever needing to go outside.
If they live inside,
they do need some greenery to chew on 
such as catnip or cat mint.
Bird seed grown in small pots
and allowed to sprout before it is brought inside,
is also enjoyed by them.

Sphynx as well as some other cat breeds, are prone to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
or HCM
as it is commonly known.
This disease causes parts of the heart muscle
to enlarge and thicken.
Not all Sphynx have HCM
 and that is why it is imperative
that every responsible breeder scans their cats
on a regular basis.
By doing this, in time we will be able to eradicate
this devastating problem.

Cat - Antics
There is a fine line between
CAT LOVER and ...

Waiting for a ride!
Me, Effi-Hana & Yumi ...
working at the computer
Bear coat!
Sphynx 'hotwater bottles'
Calico in my hand
2 Mothers
Beauty Sleep!!
Baxter the coke-a-holic??!
Smartie and Chukum 
snuggling together. 
Stompie (Tinkerbald) ... catnap!
Cat TV
Teacup Cat
A kitten of Aero's - too cute!
Aero in vacation gear 
My favourite toy

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